Revolution of male companions in years to come

Revolution of male companions in years to come

thThere is no doubt that the world is changing very fast especially with the advent of fast speed internet and portable technological devices. The beauty of the evolution of the world is that every sector is been carried along – and male companions are not exceptions.

In the early years of male companions, they went from one place to another – particularly places that draw crowd like bars, clubs, parties, ceremonies and so on to advertise their services. Some went as far as using advert spaces in televisions, radios and newspapers to get people’s attention to their services. The problem with these forms of awareness is that they usually have a limited range, and awfully expensive too.

There is also the problem of correspondence in the sense that some people might listen or read the adverts and want to get back to you but will not know how – because back then, mobile devices were not so rampant. These and a lot more of that age long problems have been taken care of by technology. Today, all you need is a mini website or a blog – which by the way would cost you a paltry fee or nothing to set up – and you can begin to advertise your services for the world to see – the entire world without any limitation. Also, emails and mobile phones have made correspondence easy so that your clients an easily reach you when they desire your services.

As it stands, it appears as if male companions have reached their height of evolution but I don’t share such sentiments. I think male companions are far from their heights. Come to think of it, there are still regions in the world that know nothing about male companions to whom we can use technology to push the services to them. There are also regions where male companions still operate at the crude level of going to bars and all sorts of places to bring their services to the attention of the people. I personally would be ashamed to say that male companions have reached their peak when I know that such places still exist.

I travelled to a country in Africa recently. It was a short stay and an impromptu one to visit my girlfriend whose duty has taken her there for some intervention services. During my short stay, I could see the fire in the eyes of many of the women that I came across – t have a piece of me even for one hour and only a few were bold enough to actually bare their mind. Well, I didn’t visit Africa to do male escorting if not, I was sure I would never have lacked clients.

What I am saying is that there are lots of black women who are craving to have a minute with white guys. In the same vein, there are white women who are craving to have black men in their arms and all these are areas that can be explored to make male companions efficient. Imagine a situation where all the continents would have their separate male companions and a client in one continent can book for the service of another in a faraway continent and have them waiting in front of their door the same day.

It may sound like an illusion but I believe it is very possible. When cars were invented people thought it was the fastest invention that would ever exist until the airplanes and jets followed. I believe the evolution of technology would one day lead to the creation of a device that would be so fast that the journey from one end of Africa to the other end of Asia can be made in one day. There have been theories about teleporting machines and if their inventions ever become possible, I believe this height of male companions can be reached. Up until then, I can only hope and try my best to first of all bring the male companions services to regions of the world where they are not already in existence. If five to ten agencies of male companions begin to think in this direction, I believe that this feat would be achieved speedily.

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