My London male escort my teacher

My London male escort my teacher

London male escortIf you really desire to learn at the higher stage and to get quality knowledge on your subject matter, then you must be willing to travel. Travelling in itself is a form of learning because it opens your mind and heart to new knowledge and ideas and new ways of doing things that you never thought of, talk more of contemplating their possibility. I still remember vividly how tensed I felt that moonless morning as I stood at the departure lounge and waved at my brother – who had made out time out of his busy schedule to see me off to the airport. For a moment, tears left my eyes but my journey is one that I have wished for from a tender age – to study to be the best engineer in the world.

My high school studies in physics helped to fan the flame of my love for engineering into a burgeoning fire. I applied to many scholarships because my parents were not financially buoyant to fund my journey talk more of my tuition. When I got to London, the cultural shock hit me. In a short time, I realized I had a lot of learning and relearning to do; I had to perfect my use of cutleries while eating, I had to get used to wearing heavy clothes and a whole lot of other learning. When I got to the university, I discovered that all I thought I knew was mediocre compared to what some of my peers already knew and compared to what I was supposed to learn. I panicked but decided to give it my best shot.

After my first year, many of my results came out far below what I anticipated and if nothing was done, I would lose the scholarship and risk deportation back to my country. I tried and tried and the results kept plunging. It was close to the exams in the second year when my professor called me,
‘Rosaline, if you do not put in a little more effort I regret that the university would let you go’.
As if I was not putting any effort at all. Although he tried his best to sound casual and nice – with his straight face and calming tone – I still felt his words like the pain of the sting of a scorpion. I didn’t know what more to do than just waste the rest of my stay in London before I finally get deported because it was already imminent. I began to go to clubs, smoked hard and drank even harder and on some days I will be drunk by the time I entered my house.

I have heard someone talk about London male escorts in the club someday and I decided to give it a try too. I hired one of them and in no time the London male escorts stood at the front of my door. I could hardly believe my eyes because I thought it was just those kind of game you would play, win and wake up to realize you have been sleeping for over three hours. He greeted me and I replied halfheartedly. The level of my depression did not allow me to enjoy the prize I just won and I only ended up using my eyes to size him up.

After a few minutes of burdening silence, he asked me what the problem was. Inasmuch as I did not want to share, the words were already flying out of my mouth before I regained control of it. he begged that I let him look at some of my lesson notes. I reluctantly gave it to him and told him my predicaments. He promised to help. We sat down and in the most amazing way, he began to break down the topics into ways that made it easy for me to understand. I hired him more often and thanks to him, I completed my course in London.
One day, I asked him, ‘why are you are London male escort’.
His reply stunned me, ‘because this is who I want to be and I earn my living form it’.

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