Keeping My Sleazy Boss Away with male companions

Keeping My Sleazy Boss Away with male companions

male companionsWorking under a boss, who is a near pervert will always be a tough job for a woman, especially when she is one of the most beautiful ones in the company. I have been associated with a London-based micro-finance firm for more than five years and suddenly found it difficult to continue. I am Elizabeth Strauss, a 31-year-old British woman and here I will tell my story of how I got rid of my pervert boss, who wanted to sleep with me.

I joined the firm at the age of 25, after leaving a telecommunication company, where I worked as a sales executive. Here I must admit that according to most of my male colleagues, I was the most beautiful woman working for the company. However, I do not think it is true because there were some women, who in my opinion was more beautiful and sexy than me.

I married my long-time boyfriend Bryan in 2008 but separated after six years of our marriage. Now, I am a single woman and spending the happiest phase of my life. Two years back, the company I am working for, appointed a new boss and most of the employees were excited to working under a new and fresh authority.

On the first day, he requested all of us to come into the office and introduced ourselves one by one. I do not know what happened to others, but he showed exceptional interest in me. My boss was a 50-year-old married man and had two kids and I did not like his attitude towards me, as he would often call me to his cabin and start talking about irrelevant issues like why I left my husband, if he had some sexual issues, etc.

One day, he called me in his cabin, showed me two tickets of English Premier League and requested me to give him company. The match was held at Wembley Stadium, which was near to my apartment. Here the most irritating and disgusting thing is that he told me he would spend the night in my apartment after the match.

The company, I was working for, running through a bad phase and decided to axe a part of its workforce. Sensing the insecurity about my job, it could not decline his proposal and agreed to give him company. However, it is true that I accepted his proposal in a hurry, but at the same time, I resolved not to let him spend the night with me.

Here one thing I would like to include that male companions provided by the several agencies were a very popular thing in London as well as other cities across the UK. I decided to hire an escort and asked him to meet me at the Wembley Stadium with a ticket close to the seats booked by my boss on the same date and time.

The match was about to start at 8’ O clock in the evening and my boss picked me from a place near to Kenwood House. Reaching the main entrance of the stadium, I called the escort with a fake name and asked him to meet me at the main entrance. He stood before me and I did not take much time to introduce him to my boss as saying “he is Marcos; my Italian boyfriend”.

The sudden emergence of my fake boyfriend made my boss embarrassed and a sharp disappointment was clearly seen on his face. I explained to my confused boss as saying that we met in a nightclub last Saturday and fell in love with each other.

We enjoyed the match and I returned to my apartment with the hunky fake boyfriend leaving by disappointed and dejected boss behind. Here I should mention that the male escort sent by the agency had read the situation quickly and acted with its accordance.

Returning to my apartment, the man asked me whether I wanted to have sex with him or not. I definitely did not want to lose the opportunity of being fucked by such a handsome and smart man. Thus, I asked him to massage my body precisely and then took me to bed to provide heavenly pleasure.

I still hire male companions whenever I needed them. For me, male companions are not there only to provide you sexual pleasure; they can be friends in need too.

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