Male escorts need to be able to pick up traits

Male escorts need to be able to pick up traits

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There is a popular saying that the moment you stop learning, you are dead which means that a living being is expected to keep learning all the days of their life and male escorts are not exempted from this injunction. If you want to be the best as a male escort, you must quickly realize that no one teaching is enough.

When I joined this industry in the early part of twenty first century, I came in with one intention in mind “TO BE THE VERY BEST”. I quickly noticed that many male escorts put making money as their motivation and when it was not forthcoming, they quickly lost interest. Their source of motivation also did not give them a reason to keep improving themselves, to keep investing in themselves. T dawned on me that money is a very bad tool to be used for motivation. The simple reason is that money is never enough. You make a cent today and tomorrow you want a dollar. It keeps rising and rising, your expectation, and when you don’t meet it, you become depressed, dissatisfied and unhappy.

I will seize this opportunity to send an important advice to all male escorts, intending male escorts and others in various other professions; if you want to pick a source of motivation, always pick something that is under your control rather than something that is not under your control because that is the only way you can find lasting happiness. I will explain further.

You see, as a male escort, you are not in control of how many clients that would visit the website or need some male escort services and you know what that means, the more the clients, the more the pay and the easier you can get more money. If money is your motivation, there is no way you can force more clients to use male escort services which mean that your target might fail woefully.

On the contrary, I chose to learn to be my motivation. I didn’t want my knowledge to come from some cumbersome years of experience. I want to be radiating knowledge about the system even in my first year as a male escort. This target was in my power to achieve, I was totally in control and I knew that my hope of finding happiness in the industry will not be a vague one. I carried out a little survey and found this male escort agency that had the interest of their members in mind. It was easy to decipher by reading through their policy and reviews.

Two months after I god on board, I started traveling a lot; today I may be in Cardiff, tomorrow in London and the next in Manchester all in a bid to get more knowledge. I made a few friends along the way and kind of blended in quickly into any of the places I went to. I learned what made the different male escorts in the different places different and when I got home, I would try to sieve the information and organize it in such a way that I offered people a service different from what they already know.
I had wonderful friends away from home who not only taught me all I needed to know but were always glad to help me practice them by getting me clients. In my tenth month as a male escort, I had more clients than those with the so called years of experience. My clients were always happy and sometimes eager for a rehire because according to them, one night stand with me was never enough – I still don’t understand what they mean by that (LOL).

I have spent over a decade in the midst of male escorts and I already feel accomplished. Competition is futile when you invest your time in becoming the best at what you do rather than been consumed by ephemeral fading realities. If fate smiles on me by keeping me alive longer, it is my dream to begin a male escort agency which will be different from all the ones already on the ground. In mine, male escorts will not only be given a platform to reach clients but will be taught and encouraged to seek to learn through books and travels.

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