How I made My Maiden UK Trip Unforgettable with the Help of a Male Escort

How I made My Maiden UK Trip Unforgettable with the Help of a Male Escort

I have travelled around the world, visited so many countries and experienced their cuisines male escortsand traditional customs. However, my London visit was the most remarkable or you can say unforgettable among others. I am a 38-year-old Russian woman and a TV anchor working for a Russian TV channel that often produces and broadcasts travelling programs.

It was the summer of 2015, when my producer asked me to prepare all my personal documents and get ready to fly to the UK. I was so excited about by first ever UK trip and it was like dream come true experience for me. We landed in the city of London and headed toward our hotel. I asked my cameraman Alexander to cover everything during our journey from airport to hotel.

The cameraman was 10 to 12 year younger to me and I always treated him like my assistant. The channel I am working for booked two separate rooms for us and we get into our rooms around 11 O’ clock in the night. I have always had secret desires and I have heard much about male escort agencies here in the UK. That is how I developed a desire of trying them whenever I will visit there.

I have decided to keep it secret and take the pleasure by visiting another hotel in the city. We had planned to visit some landmarks and popular tourists destinations around the city of London on the next day and I made Alexander understood everything about our plan over the phone. It was around, 1 O’ clock and I was thinking about hiring an escort because we did not have enough time to cover the city.

I traced the contact details of some of the leading escort agencies in the city and visited their websites. I choose a man and requested the agency if they can send him immediately in my hotel room. The agency said yes and I got my man at my doorstep within an hour. He was a tall Spaniard with muscular figure. I immediately let him enter my room and requested him to prepare some drink.

I booked him for two hours and did not like waste my time in practicing regular things. I asked him if he would like enjoy a shower with me or just love to hit the bed. He said that he will be good in both places and it was up to me. I guided to the bedroom and started removing his clothes so that I can see his sleeping shaft. I got my treasure and became successful in waking it up in a few minutes. It was large, even larger than the male escort whom I hired last time. He then started smooching around my body. I started developing sensation and saw the man heading towards my pussy.

He knew the art of sex and how to make a woman tempted with sensual touches. He did not take too much time to make my pussy wet and started licking it. I took my hand around his hard cock and started jerking it back and forth. He pushed me in the bed and I laid front side up separating my two legs, so that he could eat up my juicy cunt and raise my temptation.

He was good in this business and I would like to rate him as best among other male escorts I encountered in other parts of Europe. He then plunged his raging hard weapon deep inside my vagina, which was an unforgettable experience for me. I started moaning in ecstasy and enjoyed the heavenly pleasure at its best. This was definitely not my first sexual intercourse, as I had done this on numerous occasions. However, his rock-hard cock made me feel like my pussy was tight like a young virgin. The man was very quick in thrusting his gun back and forth and that was amazing.

He finished everything in time and said goodbye to me before leaving my room. I was so amazed at my two-hour physical interaction with the escort and resolved to hire men from male escort agencies again whenever I will land in the UK. I began my work next day with a refreshing mood and told my cameraman “you would have been very lucky if you were a woman”.

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