What length will women go to satisfy their desires?

What length will women go to satisfy their desires?

male companionshipI wouldn’t want to disclose my name but I have an information that I am very sure men are dying for and gladly for them, I am feeling lucky today and for that reason I will want to disclose this information to them for free. I want to believe that every guy reading this is either married or has a girlfriend so there will be no need beating around the bush.

I have been studying the behaviour of women for a while and there are some striking features that I have discovered that are general to every woman irrespective of her race, social status or background and that trait is that women yearn for male companionship at least thirty minutes every day. Did that excite or alarm you? It is true anyways. It is just a matter of ego or modesty or both that will make her not to jump on you when the desire peaks. Men often think they are the only ones with ego to protect but they are wrong. Women have nearly as much ego as men but their soft appearance and ‘weak’ behaviour helps them to hide this trait.

To all those providing male companionship, have it at the back of your mind that women are used to saying the opposite of what they mean. For example, there are times when you will touch a woman in a certain way or place and she will scream stop. There is no need playing modest at such times especially when both of you are horny. Just keep doing what you are doing till she gets to her climax.

I have been curios about this opposite answer because it happens to me almost every time and impulsively too. I would want to say yes but I will find myself saying NO in a firm manner that can scare the faint hearted into calm. I recently decided to investigate on this matter and some other issues. I sampled a total of fifty women between the ages of 25 and 35. Forty five of them agreed that they have peak desires up to 1 hour every day. The remaining five said they don’t really take note of how long theirs last.
The next thing I did was to ask them how they took care of their desires. Twenty three said they looked for male companionship while the rest said they waited it out, fingered themselves or watched erotic clips during those moments.
I decided to take my experiment further. I asked the twenty three that said they used male companionship to handle their desires if they could let me share the moment with them. Fifteen of them agreed and I continued my research with them. I did not participate in any of the action but simply sat on a sofa to watch them and their male companionship do their thing.
Out of the fifteen, I noticed that at one point or the other, eleven of them told their male companion to stop whatever pleasure they were giving to them but if the male companionship made an attempt to stop, they would force them to continue with their actions. The other four were the silent type who just stayed in position and allowed their male companionship do their thing. Now, men should understand that they should ot take every word that comes out of a woman’s mouth serious because most times, we don’t even know what we want.

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