I am one of the best escorts for women

I am one of the best escorts for women

IA3921-image3I know it is wrong to blow one’s trumpet, but when you let other people do that for you, they often do it so wrong that you won’t be able to recognize your favourite sound anymore. When I say I am one of the best escorts for women, I really mean it. Mind you, I didn’t say I was only; I said one of them.

I should be celebrating my five years anniversary as one of the escorts for women that have turned the face of my agency. I am not the one organizing the party. My agency is doing all that, so I can’t really tell you what I am expecting. They just gave me the date and told me to show up no matter what happens.

So, what really special did I do?

I really can’t say I did anything special. I just did something that other escorts for women were not doing – which women loved. When I joined this agency, I discovered that we had so many competitors in the industry. Newer agencies where coming up almost on a monthly basis and women are very adventurous.

They hear a new escort is out and they want to give it a try just to have a feel of it and compare with what they have been receiving. Others are just fed up of seeing the same old faces in the escort agency they have been using, so, they try out the newer agencies. The problem is that majority of them never returned to us.

My boss was almost giving up when I came in, but I encouraged her to hold on a little longer. She was passionate about escorts for women because, according to her, this was all she desired while growing up but never had the opportunity of staying in a room with an escort. The dwindling client base meant that her dream was fading.

I was also passionate about my job. For a few days, I thought of what could have gone wrong. I carried out lots of research on the Internet until I discovered the trend which favoured newer escort agency. It was a eureka moment for me. The first idea was to tell my boss to open a new agency specifically designed for escorts for women.

I had no doubt regarding its success. Going by my research, it would surely be a rave.  This is where I will give you advice that you will not see in your regular newspaper,

“Don’t always go with the first idea that comes into your head when you are faced with a challenge. The best ideas often come few hours or days after the first because they take time to be refined”.

I was supposed to tell my boss about my finding the next day when doubt set in. Now, how long will she continue to open up new agencies? Besides that, it would lead to a divided attention. Naturally, when there is more than one option to choose from, you will love one more than the rest. In this case, I was pretty sure the old agency which had more categories would lose the love.

There has to be another way out I told myself. After giving it a hard thought for a while, I decided to try something different. I was going to offer any lady that used our agency a freebie; extended time, coming to the front of their door with a gift in hand, taking care of some of the bills we incur for the day and so on. It was a sacrifice I was willing to make for my boss. I wanted to try it out on my own to see if it worked then I would suggest it to my boss and make it a standard practice for other escorts for women in the agency.

Voila! It worked just as I imagined it. After a month of success that saw life begin to return in that sector, I went to my boss and told her about my research and everything I have done in the past month and how it has changed the fate of the agency.

The results were obvious, and she didn’t doubt me. She took my recommendation and built a free offer into the system. The difference was that the gifts I give out or the bills I pay for no longer came from my pocket, but it became a standard practice for all the escorts for women in the agency.

We called it a surprise package in the ad.

This did not stop our clients from trying out new escort agencies, but the freebies always gave them a reason to return to us. When I look at what I did for my agency – which by the way is not special – I feel proud of myself.

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