Bisexual male escorts are now easy to find

Bisexual male escorts are now easy to find

Bisexuals are the bridge between gay and straight and as a bridge,bisexual male escorts their presence is paramount in providing companionship for the two extremes. Though it is very easy to find straight male escorts, the other extreme – the gay male escorts – are not so easy to find because not everyone fully accepts and respects their sexual orientation. Bisexual male escorts have overtime become the closest choice for gays.

If you still give a damn about the sexual orientation of anyone, in this twenty first century, you need a brain scan. I really don’t give a damn. I am gay and I am not afraid to speak about my sexual orientation each time I have a chance to do so. Though I often get the ‘Uh huh… you too?’ kind of look but I really don’t care. I know one day they will come around to accept us the way we are.

In my neighbourhood, I have a group of gay friends with whom I hang out and we do have a nice time each time we roll, if you know what I mean. There was never a dull moment in my neighborhood. I was never bored or had to worry about acceptance or stigma. My problem began when I moved temporarily to a new neighborhood where I would be studying for a year.

In the new neighborhood I tried to speak up about my sexual orientation but the resistance and rejection I got was more than the ‘Uh huh… you too?’ kind of look. I got life threatening messages that I had to get the police involved at some time when I couldn’t bear the threats of bodily harm anymore. I was called all sorts of demeaning names and to prolong my life, I was forced into my shell. That meant not talking to anyone and before long I had fallen into depression.

After a while, it dawned on me that male escorts could be the solution to my problem. I searched for gay male escorts but found none. The ones I managed to see had been booked. I looked for the closest alternative which was bisexual male escorts. I really want to have the best service from my male escort because I always want value for my money. It wasn’t really hard to find one with this website which has a well arranged catalogue for everyone.

Few hours later, my male escort arrived. I gave him a seat and made him comfortable. We began talking. He told me how self-expression has become increasingly difficult in the neighborhood and how no one is doing anything about it. He told me how the people with other sexual orientation other than straight were driven into hiding and tha most of them have left the neighborhood for fear of their lives.

We spoke at length and for once I was really happy to have someone to talk to who did not judge me. He gave me this very nice website and told me that bisexual male escorts were not difficult to find anymore and that they were the closest and best I could find for any occasion. Soon after my male escort left, my loneliness came back to haunt me. The room soon became too big for me. I guess for the one year I would be staying here, I would need more of the services of male escorts. I sincerely wish people would change their mindset on such matters sooner.

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